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Year 1

Welcome to year 1.  The class teacher is Miss Whalley who is supported by Mrs Womack.


This year the class is studying Amazing animals. We are focusing on where do animals like to live and why do they like to live there.  The children will learn about different animals found around the world.  They have experienced these animals first hand with a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  As well as learning about animals living in other countries they will learn about common animals found closer to home.


Important Information

  • Homework tasks are given regularly, please check book bags daily.
  • Reading books will be changed regularly, children are expected to bring then into school everyday 
  • PE is on a Tuesday and Friday but please ensure children have their PE kit in school everyday.




We like to have a lot of fun,
When we’re learning in Year 1.
We learn to love like Jesus taught,
About His life we give lots of thought.

Phonics is our favourite thing,
Better reading it will bring.
In sentences we learn to write,
We like to form our letters right.

In Maths we count and count again,
Lots of learning goes on in our brain.
Where we can we learn through play
Keeping busy through the day.


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