Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

On behalf of everyone at our school, I would like to warmly welcome you to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of Sacred Heart after working at the school for the last 5 years. We are a popular and successful school, with everyone involved working hard to help our children to be the best they can and gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to flourish both in and out of school. Our strong Catholic faith underpins everything we do; ensuring that the focus to enable every child to feel loved and safe is at the heart of everything we do. We openly welcome and nurture all children who attend our school, celebrating the diversity across our local community. Our school charter of RESPECT, created by staff and pupils, helps allows us to shrive to be the best citizens we can be.

Respect – We are respectful to everyone in all that we do.

Environment – We care for and protect our environment.

Service – We serve God by living out the Virtues.

Perseverance – We persevere when things are challenging.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in all that we do.

Communication – We communicate effectively with everyone.

Trust – We develop trust through always being honest.

Our tailored curriculum is designed to promote high standards, help children to develop a love of learning, and encourage them to become independent, thoughtful and considerate members of a modern day society. We have a determined, dedicated and driven staff team who work tirelessly to create memorable and engaging opportunities that allow our children flourish in all aspects of their development.

Our website contains lots of information; however, if there are any other details which you would like to find out or if you would like to visit our school then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

With very best wishes,

Jenna Thompson


Resources for Parents and Carers

Take a look at some of these resources for parents and carers in the Wakefield District.

Happy Healthy Holidays

WF Happy Healthy Holidays aims to keep children and young people active during the School Holidays by providing free enriching activities and healthy food for children in Reception class to year 11 who receive benefits-related free school meals.

For a full list of activities running across the district visit: https://wakefieldcouncil.coordinate.cloud/

Healthier Together

Welcome to Healthier Together – a tool that gives consistent, accurate and trustworthy healthcare advice to parents, carers, young people and professionals.

The information on this site has been reviewed  by local paediatricians, GPs and clinicians across the region to ensure it aligns with current practices and procedures.

Use the quick links, search bar, or menus to find clear advice with easy to use traffic light guide, red, amber, green found in the parents/carers section. This will help to identify when, where, and how you should seek help for your poorly baby or child.

Look through the site for practical guidance such as ‘should my child go to school’.


Baby Safer Sleep Advice

Take a look at the Lullaby Trust’s information about ‘How to sleep your baby more safely’,


Stay Safe in Water

There are many hidden dangers, when entering canals, rivers and reservoirs, that have tragically taken lives.
The number of accidental drownings in our region is on the rise.

Anything below 15ºC is defined as cold water and can seriously affect your breathing and movement, so the risk is significant all year round, even on hot days, and even for strong swimmers.

Please #BeWaterAware



Staying Safe Online

Being online can be a brilliant place to keep in touch with friends, be creative and discover new things.

Most people use the internet daily for things like going on social media, game, watch videos, work and study.

Talking to people online that you know ‘offline’ is something many people do, people that you don’t know can also use social media and follow you.

As brilliant as the internet is, it can be used by those who want to cause harm to a child. So you may find it useful to read through the information on this page to help keep yourself and your friends safe online.

Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership – Staying Safe Online