Latest updates relating to school closures:


Plans for Home Learning


In the event that schools receive a directive from the Government to close due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19), staff are putting together a series of resources that children will be able to access from home.  

We are aware that not all households have internet access or equitable access to tablets and computers, so we will be sending some home packs of work with children, with full and clear explanations of tasks.  Children without digital access will not miss out on learning opportunities.  These packs will be distributed only in the event of a school closure.  

Should your child be absent from school on the day of a potential school closure, then we will make sure that packs are in reception for parents to collect from school.

Staff will ensure that they have an online presence for children who are able to engage with web based resources.

It is an expectation that children engage in daily home learning in the event of a school closure.

Parental advice on providing a balanced day for your child:

  • Make sure you support your child to access and complete the daily work that is set for them.
  • Take regular rest breaks so that your child doesn't have to concentrate for too long.
  • Build in opportunity for physical exercise.
  • Use this time as an opportunity to have 'together time'.
  • Develop your creative skills together and make something interesting!
  • Don't forget to play and have fun.

Over the coming days, you will see a series of apps and support sites signposted on our website, for pastoral help.  Make sure you use these if you are in need.

Please ensure that you follow the daily guidelines that will be issued by the Government.

Each class has their own page, which will be updated on a daily basis. Please click on the link below, which will take you to our Home Learning page:

Home Learning

Attendance Update

Our overall attendance figure for 2018-19 was...


Our target for good attendance is is 96%.

Please help us to meet our target by ensuring that your children attend school everyday.