Religious Education


During school closures, we encourage families to come together in prayer.  You will find acts of worship linked to Lent and Easter below.


Lent & Easter Liturgies

Please find below three short services which have been designed to help you and your families to share the Sacred Triduum at home.
There is one service for Holy Thursday, one for Good Friday and one for Easter Sunday.


2020 Liturgies for the Sacred Triduum.



Please click the link below to go to the CAFOD website. Here you will find weekly liturgies and resources to use during school closures.,6SMG0,SU093,R6XJ1,1 



RE Lessons

2 7-11 RE Today and NATRE home learning Easter Expert

2 7-11 RE Today and NATRE home learning Jesus Journey

2 7-11 RE Today and NATRE home learning what is Judaism

2 7-11 REToday and NATRE Home Learning Sikh Vaisakhi


Collective Worship 

EYFS Growing - Act of Worship

Year 1 Change

Year 2 Opportunities

Year 3 Giving All

Year 4 Self Discipline

Year 5 Sacrifice

Year 6 Death and New Life


Red Cross / Cafod Resources linked with the current virtue 'Kindness'

Red cross-kindness-calendar-introduction-to-kindness-and-the-british-red-cross-presentation