Choosing and applying for a place at school is one of the most important things we can do for our children.

As a Catholic School, the Trust Intervention Board is responsible for setting the Admissions Policy and allocating places based on its criteria. The current Admission Policy can be found below.

Prospective parents are advised to read the Admissions Policy carefully and we warmly welcome visits to the school. It is also important to fill in the school’s own Supplementary Information Form and return this to school.

The Local Authority coordinates the admissions process on behalf of the school.

Further information about what to do if the application for your child is not successful can be found on the Local Authority website.

The timetable for admission appeals can be found here.

Please contact the School Office if you would like any more information.


Tel: 01977 625354

Sacred Heart School has begun the consulation process relating to the 2020/21 Admission Policy. A copy of the draft policy, alongside supplementary information is available by clicking the links below:

SH Admissions Policy 22-23

SH Admissions Policy 21-22

Appendix Admissions Policy

Sacred Heart SIF 2020

Hemsworth-Moorthorpe map

Please click on the link below to view our admission arrangements.

Sacred Heart Admission Arrangements-2019-2020

Please be aware that there have been a number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Sacred Heart School and we are now working within our Outbreak Management plan.

Please help us by being watchful for any symptoms of illness in your child. If they have cough, fever or loss of taste/smell then please do not send them to school and arrange a PCR test immediately.

For more information, please visit the COVID-19 page of our website: